Thursday, December 26, 2013

Simply having a wonderful Christmas-time

My mom and dad, together in the same place, talking together. (Divorced since 1970, so they are very rarely in the same place together.)

My brother and sisters on my mom's side and my sister on dad's side, all together, first time ever. And all their spouses and children!

My best friend was there.

My nephews were playing games and tumbling around like puppies together.

Food. Football game. Yelling at the screen.

Monique shoving food in her mouth before I even told people to come eat. heh.

Christen's famous kolachy. Covered in crack, I mean powdered sugar.

Presents and gift wrap and bows everywhere.

Turkey chili, lemon-basil pasta, spinach quiche, homemade dip. WINE. My brother brought me Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling --  so appropriate. Caramel crunch (flavored) coffee with chocolate fudge creamer.

My dad at Christmas with his one grandchild, and me taking photos.
My sisters all meeting for the first time.
Monique tearing up when she read the message I wrote inside a book for her.
Me tearing up when I put on an opalite pendant from St. Martin, for me, from Stephanie.
My best friend hand washing all the dishes for me.

A full home. FULL.

The best time ever.


Joyce B. said...

What a wonderful Christmas. I'm so happy for you.

Diana Bukowski said...

Sounds positively overflowing with love & joy & bliss! ♥